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30 Departmental Library: Department of Electrical Engineering of SKFGI offers departmental library facility for students, so that they can access the required books for their betterment.
31 Online Assessment Test: A Software has been developed for student to provide the facility of online assessment like class assignment, mock test and online feedback. Student can also access the software from home and practice for GATE exam. Student can also prepare himself/herself for campus interview through online Aptitude test/ Technical test.
32 Industrial Tour: Department provides the opportunity of industrial training to the 3rd year students of the department, so that they gather industrial experience and become better professionals.
33 Industrial Training: Our college provides opportunity for the 3rd Year Electrical Engineering students to pursue Industrial training during the summer in various reputed companies.
34 Laboratory Facilities: Laboratories are well equipped with machines and computers which allow the students to operate them personally and thereby enhancing their knowledge. One faculty member and one technical assistant are allotted to guide the students in the laboratory.
107 R&D Lab: The department of Electrical Engineering has introduced a R&D Lab entitled “Centre for Renewable and Non-conventional Energy Studies and Research”. The centre is striving to provide intensified support to higher engineering education with a continuous emphasis on the research and development in the field of renewable and non-conventional energy sources thereby contributing to the Country’s effort in developing more and more alternative sources of energy.
The department of Electrical Engineering also has a research laboratory entitled “Nano-Dielectric Synthesis Laboratory” for Under Graduate and Post Graduate students.
108 Access of Journal: The department provides 5 IEEE journals and 4 IEEE magazines to enhance research facilities.
IEEE journals are:
1. IEEE Transactions for Power and Energy.
2. IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation.
3. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing.
4. IEEE Transactions on Reliability.
5. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics.
IEEE magazines are:
1. Electrical Insulation Magazine.
2. IEEE Power and Energy Magazine.
3. IEEE Electrification Magazine.
4. IEEE Signal Processing Magazine.